Ideal for bathrooms, but limited to a gloss white finish.

They tend to chip your crockery in the kitchen.

Less impact resistant than composite basins.

Care: Clean with non abrasive soap such as Sunlight soap.



Composite basins

A tough durable material.

Ideal for kitchens and if you want a colour or textured finish.

You can also make large straight basins using this material,

Which is not possible using Ceramics.

The team

Roscoe Team

At Rossco we pride our selves with our craftsmanship.

With valued craftspeople we have a number of specialists working together. 

Helping to create your custom products.

Over the years

Ross May

Ross May and the team at Rossco at the Bertrams Factory, Johannesburg, South Africa - 2014



Rossco was founded by Ross May

With a National Diploma in Ceramic Design

and having completed an apprenticeship

as a master-mould maker at Continental China in Cape Town,

ROSSCO  was founded in 2001 as a ceramic manufacturing factory.

We have worked with various designers,

like Anthony Shapiro and Catherine Jacobs,