Ross May and the team at Rossco at the Bertrams Factory, Johannesburg, South Africa - 2014

Founded in 2001 by master mould-maker Ross May, Rossco was born out of the desire to uplift local community members through training and developing in the ceramics manufacturing industry.

Our vision is to see appreciation of South African craftsmanship, skill and identity demonstrated with pride through the support of local artisans.

Our mission is to add masterfully created, high-end quality South African products, which blend form and function, and are imbued with character, style and story, to every bathroom and kitchen space.

Every one of our composite basins are made-to-order and given special individual attention by a member of our team, each of whom has a unique story to tell. Our range of customizable products all carry part of the artisan with them, and although their origins are in our Bertrams-based factory, their place in your bathroom or kitchen spaces means that their history continues with you – as a testament to good aesthetic taste, appreciation for South African workmanship, and an investment in your home.

Ever growing, we remain mindful of the importance of the human touch in all we do. The Rossco company culture is rooted in people. We understand the importance of maintaining our relationships, delivering the best level of service possible, and providing our customers with an experience that puts them in a class of people who value design, artistry and professionalism.

Our list of clients includes international hotel chains, private clients and retail stores.

Rossco Team