Ceramic basins are ideal for bathrooms. They're limited to a gloss white finish, which makes them a universal option for most bathroom colour-schemes.

The use of ceramic basins is not encouraged for kitchen spaces as they tend to chip crockery and are less impact resistant than composite basins.

Cleaning is simple and requires only non-abrasive soap, such as Sunlight.



Rossco kitchen sinks are manufactured from a solid composite compound. This is a durable product less prone to chipping or cracking than ceramic. They will not stain with regular use and only require occasional cleaning with Handy Andy and a scotchbright pad.

Our composite basins are ideal for kitchens. They are available in any colour of your choosing and can be finished in matt or gloss. Dark colours can be polished with Mr Min or even Q20.

Over the years

Ross May


With a National Diploma in Ceramic Design and having completed an apprenticeship as a master mould-maker at Continental China in Cape Town, Ross May founded Rossco in 2001 as a ceramic manufacturing factory.